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Celebrating Inclusivity Within Your Brand

Celebrating Inclusivity Within Your Brand

Consider how your brand can incorporate inclusivity from a holistic approach

Beauty is no longer about looking alike, but rather celebrating our differences.

One of the largest talking points in the beauty world this year has been inclusivity. Yet with everyone talking about its importance, how many brands are actually developing practices and guidelines which include inclusivity? In this article, the experts at Beauty Branding Lab help you to consider how your brand can incorporate inclusivity from a holistic approach.
Before you get started, we recommend outlining your intended audience. Is your audience comprised of a diverse demographic? Does your brand appeal to various ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses? What about sex? Are any of your products gender neutral? We suggest conceptualizing your ideal consumer base so that you can identify who will be included in your overarching inclusivity segment. Do they all look alike, or do they possess differences that you should be celebrating?
Next, consider your formula. If you're looking to be inclusive, a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work here. A consumer who is 18 years old will be seeking a different treatment plan than someone who is 60 years old. Similarly, a Latino woman will need a different hero product than a Caucasian man.

Therefore, looking at your brand’s mission and analyzing what you hope to achieve will be vital. Once you know what you hope to achieve, look at what formulas will aid you in achieving this. Can any of these formulas be stretched across multiple demographics? Try to include as many diverse formulas as possible.

Then you can move onto the product packaging itself. Does your packaging speak to multiple age ranges, sexes and other demographics? Avoid cookie cutter packaging. While creating an innovative and diverse formula is important, so is incorporating ethnic inclusiveness into creative packaging. You will want to examine the text you are including on the packaging. Is it inviting and welcoming to multiple audience types, or will it turn some consumers away from the brand? Messaging can be just as influential as physical components when it comes to packaging. Branding the packaging will be crucial in the sense that the consumer should instantly associate the product with your company. Furthermore, that association should be a positive one.

Your brand can also look at its initiatives. How many of your missions are aimed to help various demographics? Are your programs aimed to aid people of multiple backgrounds? Do your employees volunteer their time, or are they just donating money? Involvement will be critical here in order for the consumer to feel your company is candidly invested in the social equity aspect of inclusivity.

Finally, marketing will be a key player. Your marketing is your message to the untapped market. What messaging are you relaying? Does it speak positively to your inclusivity initiatives, or are you restricting a certain audience by their age, background, or socioeconomic status? Is your messaging appearing in multiple platforms that are accessible to the majority, or is it only displaying in platforms which a small percentage are privy to? Do your models share various qualities, or does it seem like the same type of model is used in every visual piece of media

All in all, inclusivity can be approached from multiple angles, as well as carried out across multiple aspects of your brand. No longer will inclusivity be a bonus to brands, it will be an essential pillar in branding. The world is uniting, and as such, so should beauty brands unite with consumers – of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions and sexes.


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