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10 Tips for Skin Care Success

10 Tips for Skin Care Success

Check out this list of ten tips and tricks for you to keep in mind, as you begin building your dream brand with Beauty Branding Lab!

We have walked down this path before and have established countless successful beauty brands. This is why we have compiled a list of ten tips and tricks for you to keep in mind, as you begin building your dream brand. Here is a list of the ten most impactful characteristics we have seen in a successful beauty brand:

1. Establish effective products. Sure, everyone loves pretty packaging and a great mission statement, but do your products live up to their potential? Can your efficacy be put to the test and backed by science? With Beauty Branding Lab, you will only receive on-trend, efficacious formulas. These will put your brand in a great position for success once it reaches market.
2. Do what sets your soul on fire. Find what you are passionate about and build upon it. Would you want to offer beauty products to women approaching menopause? What about women of color? Would you like to build a sunscreen brand focused on offering products whose textures compliment all skin tones? Would you prefer to focus on male hair care brand? Whatever area of the skin care industry your brand will focus on, make sure it is one you are passionate about. That passion will transcend into the brand to ensure its success.
3. Evoke emotion. Most people shy away from emotion in business, but in the right frame, it can be extremely impactful. It is important to share the raw moments that foster intense emotion during the brand journey. Was there ever a moment you doubted yourself? Was there an “aha moment” that completely changed the protectory of your brand? These are the types of emotions that a consumer connects and identifies with. It is because of this deep, emotional connection, that they will continuously come back to shop with you.
4. Tell your story. These days, consumers are looking for a personal connection to the brand. Most of the time, this occurs when the founder(s) tell their story. Consumers love hearing the behind-the-scenes stories. They love hearing of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of indie brands. They can relate on a personal level to these aspects of struggles and success. Strong stories not only help connect the brand with the right audience, but it also helps to connect the brand to the right retailer(s). Often times brands end up in the wrong retailer because they never took the time to hone their story and ensure it pairs well with the retailer’s brand.
5. There is value in values. Your company must stand for something, or else it will never stand a chance. As a company, you must decide what initiatives you want to focus on and then drive those home. Do you want to focus on sustainability? If so, think of how your products can reflect this. Perhaps the packaging can be reused, or maybe the formula itself is made of mostly upcycled ingredients. Would your brand rather focus on inclusivity? If so, have your team focus on how it can speak to a wide array of demographics to ensure everyone feels welcomed. But whatever philosophy your brand stands for, make sure it is apparent throughout all aspects of the brand from packaging to marketing.

6. Be intentional. When we say intentional, we do not just mean with the formulas you choose for your portfolio. We also mean be intentional with the retailers you place your brand in, the advertising you endorse, the collaborations you pursue, etc. Think of building a brand as a chess game. Each move must be thought out and purposeful. Who you align with could make or break your brand. What you say could aid or diminish your success. What you do can give rise to positive or negative press coverage.

7. Deliver on your promise (and then some). Whatever your brand wants to deliver, make sure it exceeds the customer’s expectations. When a brand overdelivers, you can be sure you will secure a customer for life.
8. Color your brand in color. Whatever color(s) you choose – whether it be neon green or stark black, make sure your brand’s color palette is eye catching and noteworthy. Think about whether a consumer would be attracted to your product on a crowded shelf, or if they would walk right past it.
9. Curate Cohesivity. Your brand should be so cohesive, that a consumer can recognize it immediately with a quick glance. Does your brand tell the same story on social media, as it does on the shelf in a retail store? Do press releases reflect your brand as it appears on the website? Do your marketing initiatives accurately reflect your values and mission statement? These are all aspects of your business that should align.
10. Being you is beneficial. One of the biggest mistakes we see brands make is trying to mimic another well-established brand. This never works. Consumers immediately see right through your brand and fault you for not being unique. Consumers crave innovation and newness, and this doesn’t just mean in your formulas, but also in your brand’s story. How can your brand stand apart from your competitors? Focus on that and elaborate on it. You’ll find success in the differences.



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